About Us

Nazca Airlines is the most popular airline excursion company in Peru, with more than 21,000 passengers per year from more than 60 countries. It was founded with the intention of offering spectacular flights to the Nazca Lines through a sustainable company that promotes and encourages value for our touristic destination (Nazca). As well as, all the people who work with us for the benefit of our customers.

We praise ourselves on the top-quality level in our customer service, offering quick responses and solutions to our passengers. Nazca Airlines also shows a level of formality and expertise like no other.

We are proud to offer our visitors an unparalleled perspective to one of the most enigmatic places in Peru, full of mystery and history; making their visit to this destination an unforgettable experience.


We have aircrafts that are specifically designed for this type of flights, Cessna 207A (6/8 seaters); they have onboard a series of features that differentiate us from all other companies so that you have a unique experience. Each of our aircrafts offers intercom between the passengers and crew members so that our experienced pilots can give a live narration during the flight. All these characteristics make the rides very comfortable and informative while not losing sight of even one of the figures.


The safety and comfort of our passengers is a vital pillar in our operation. We are a certified member to perform air services by the Aeronautical Authority of Peru “DGAC”; which requires mandatory compliance with a series of air safety rules and regulations. Nazca Airlines has successfully fulfilled and exceeded this set of required regulations in international and national standards. We are extremely careful and take very seriously the security of our passengers, making sure every experience is optimal and they enjoy their time with us 100%.